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mint chalida and mark prin dating website

Yesterday, Mint clarifies in an interview that there is no beef with the Lom Gang. That it’s normal for friends to fight but their group is doing fine. There has been tension  that people has notice Mint hasn’t been hanging out or join the other three girls Yaya, Marige and Kim in their second hand brand name sales. Then, this one sided conversation from Mark leaked today and Thairath claimed it’s an interview with Mint’s mom.

Ask if Mint and Mark will be able to work together again? Mint’s mom says that she and her daughter can differentiate work and personal life. They don’t want to make the people they work with lose their time. Personal life is personal life.

I’m speechless. If this how Mark is I won’t stop with his work but he lost my respect to him How can he say this?

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Mint Chalida spotted talking to Kimmy Kimberley at Love Is In The Charity Concert after they stopped talking to each other for 3 years because Mint Chalida had an argument with Mark Prin, Kimmy Kimberley’s boyfriend.

Mint Chalida says she hasn’t got any problems with Kimmy Kimberley since last 3 years. She admits that love each other is better than having an argument.

Today, on 09 November 2017, Noey Chotika gives a birth to her son with 3.1 Kilogram at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital. Her son named Nong.

Mark Prin Again. http://Phewwwwww.. This time the little kid angry his friend Mint Chalida and her mother. I think Mint's mom mean to blame Mark and Kimmy.