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Funeral Services will be held Friday, December 22, 2017 at 1:00 p.m., at Bell Mortuary in Glasgow, followed by burial at the Highland Cemetery in Glasgow, Montana

Albert was an identical twin and the fourth child born to Benjamin Harris Sergent and Delilah Margret Bailey on October 19, 1929 in Wolf Point, Montana. He went to grade school in New Deal. He moved to Minnesota to live with his family. He went in the Army November 17, 1948 and was stationed in Alaska during the Korean War Era. He was discharged July 28, 1952.

He married Ruby Crause November 26, 1952 in Wolf Point, Montana They had six children and later divorced in 1964. He married Lorene Crider in 1965 and together they raised the six children.

Leo Bustani owned an unusual Winchester 1892 Carbine. Both Leo and the carbine share some quite colorful history together, dating all the way back to 1949. Of Lebanese descent, Leo was the owner of Flagler Gun Clinic in West Palm Beach Florida. The clinic specialized in performance modifications to the model '92 Winchester as well as other rifles.

A Special '92
One day back in 1949, a long-time customer in his late 60's was visiting West Palm Beach from New York. The gentleman brought into Leo's shop a nice original 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine and offered it for sale. The man was at a point in his life where he felt his hunting days were over. The gun's serial number was 249016, manufactured in 1903-43 years old at that time. It was chambered in the standard.44 WCF and it had a special?order half?magazine. Thinking of how easy this gun would be to carry on a hunt, Leo bought it right on the spot.

Putting the Little Carbine to Use
Since the.44 Special round grouped extremely well, the next logical thing for Leo to do was to take the gun deer hunting. On the gun's first hunt in Florida, the.44 Special brought?down a mid?sized whitetail. Leo then began a tradition of affixing engraved tacks into the right side of the gun's stock for each of the game taken with the carbine. Each tack had an engraved name and image of the respective game. The gun has a total of six tacks--turkey, deer, bobcat, javalina, black bear and elk.

Rebekah and Ken Sullivan pictured with their daughters Ruth, 1, left, and Grace, 3, outside of the oldest barn on their property December 20, 2013 at their.

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It's hard to ignore the hugely influential part Michigan has played in 20 th century engineering, music, and natural resources. Take a look at 25 facts that prove the Wolverine State—which is celebrating its 180th birthday today—is more than the sum of its auto parts.

1. Recognized as the 26 th state in the union in 1837, Michigan is taken from the Indian word Michigama: it means a "large lake."

2.  They almost went to war with Ohio. Prior to becoming a state, the Michigan territory took issue with Ohio claiming the mouth of the Maumee River in Toledo as its own property. Things came to a head in 1836, when militia forces from both sides marched into the wilderness to oppose one another. They never came in contact; blood was drawn only when the son of one Ohio military officer tried to rescue his father from a Michigan jail by stabbing a sheriff in the thigh. Congress insisted Michigan accept the boundary line and cede Toledo in order to gain statehood—they reluctantly agreed.



1870s View of the Missouri River and Canton Valley
Looking South from Near Avalance Creek

Now submerged beneath the waters of Canyon Ferry Lake, this was the beautiful landscape through which the westward-bound Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery passed in July of 1805. The village of Canton, Montana, just north of Townsend, was abandoned and subsequently flooded by the second Canyon Ferry Dam in 1954.

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Iam a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try internet dating. As I was in my 40''s I thought I would join a site for over 40-plus

Montana’s colorful history includes the stories told through geology. Since 2006, the Montana Department of Transportation has installed nearly 50 roadside geological markers.

Each interpretive sign describes the geologic and paleontological wonders of the Treasure State to help share Montana’s story.

Belt rocks dominate the mountains of northwestern Montana. The rocks along US Highway 2 between the Idaho border and the Continental Divide south of Glacier National Park consist almost entirely of the Belt Supergroup. The rocks next to the highway are brown, gray, red, green, purple, and yellow colors; dramatic cliffs occur where resistant, wellcemented sandstones are exposed.


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