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Finally, the creators of this service decided to add one last extra feature into the mix. This extra option is the use of built-in emoticons. At first you might think that you can already insert emotes anyway, but that’s only really true if you’re on a mobile device that has them readily available. And even then, what if they don’t show up properly to someone on another different type of device? The built-in emoji list helps solve these sorts of issues, and definitely a nice thing to have. Anyway, I think that about covers it, so stop reading and start chatting online!

1. Meetzur This relatively new gem of a website brings casual to a whole new level. How? Well, when you call yourself a “meet a stranger social network”, I think that speaks for itself. Remember when your mom told you not to talk to strangers? This social app encourages you to talk to them! Because of that, everyone expects you to chat with them, which makes it super easy to make new friends. It’s awesome! Don’t forget to read our full review.

2. Badoo This is a super popular social network with one goal to help you meet people nearby! The name is kind of funky, but don’t be fooled, it works, and quite well at that. The only thing is that in some countries it has a large presence and in some countries its presence can be rather small so you’ll really just have to give it a try and hope your country is well represented. Click here to read our full opinion.


You’ve been seeing each other for months. The dates are fun, the sex is fine. You tell each other everything and spend every other night together.

First you notice that while they’ve met your mum, brother, and been on a night out with your best mates from uni, you’ve yet to meet a single person in their life.

You’ve never been introduced to their parents. You’ve never been to any kind of gathering with anyone from their social circle.

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Freshly painted, carpeted, new restrooms, professional/non-profit floor,
most convenient location in western Queens, shopping and restaurants across street,
includes shelving, office furniture and desk, carpet, and air conditioner.

Elevator -- Four blocks from N, R, Q, M service. 15 minutes from mid-town. 2 blocks from Kaufman Arts Center. email or call 718-278-0700.

Continued from Part 3 Time for another entry in Puzzlements, Forgotten New York’s examination of noncontextual street names, especially named streets smack in the middle of areas featuring numbered or lettered streets, or even lettered or numbered streets smack in the middle of a group of named streets, such as Port Richmond’s Avenue B (seen on this page) […]