Topics: What’s Noel Gallagher’s net worth, when was he married to.

Urban oasis: lakeside sites are the latest must-have for city developers

Petra ( Arabic : البتراء, Al-Batrāʾ ; Ancient Greek : Πέτρα), originally known to the Nabataeans as Raqmu ( Nabataean Arabic : الرقيم), is a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan. The city is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. Another name for Petra is the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved.

The site remained unknown to the Western world until 1812, when it was introduced by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. It was described as "a rose-red city half as old as time" in a Newdigate Prize -winning poem by John William Burgon. UNESCO has described it as "one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage". [7]

Pliny the Elder and other writers identify Petra as the capital of the Tadeanos and the center of their caravan trade. Enclosed by towering rocks and watered by a perennial stream , Petra not only possessed the advantages of a fortress, but controlled the main commercial routes which passed through it to Gaza in the west, to Bosra and Damascus in the north, to Aqaba and Leuce Come on the Red Sea , and across the desert to the Persian Gulf.

The Smiths, Oasis and Happy Mondays - the man helping you follow in the footsteps of your favourite Manchester bands. Reporter Lucy Roue speaks to Inspiral.

But how much is the songwriter worth, what is the latest on his relationship with brother Liam and who is he married to now after splitting from Meg Mathews? Here's the full lowdown.

Liam originally wanted Noel to be their manager, but Noel instead took creative control of the group, turning it into Oasis - and the rest is history.

But throughout their years as the Kings of Britpop, the sibling rivalry and fighting escalated between Noel and Liam, both behind and in front-of-the-scenes.

The 44-year-old admits that the most difficult part of the band dismantling almost a decade ago is that he and Noel, 50, haven’t spoken since. “Me and our kid don’t speak and that’s the saddest thing about it.

We’ve got to start becoming brothers and friends again,” says Liam, left. “It don’t matter how many noughts you put on a cheque.

“Music’s about having a laugh and life’s about having a laugh. People seem to be putting out a tune and taking a cheque and going back to a big house.” While the pair haven’t spoken face-to-face they have become notorious for trading jibes at each other on Twitter.

M ost of us love the idea of living by water: it’s calming, offers a feeling of well-being and a sense of open space – particularly in the middle of cities. Developers are increasingly looking to incorporate lakes in their urban sites or to find waterside spots for their projects.

“There’s something about living near or overlooking water that sits well with the human psyche,” says John Sanders, managing director of Berkeley Homes’ north-east London office. “It’s a nice place to call home.”

W oodberry Down, Berkeley’s new development in Hackney, is a classic example of where city living can work alongside a natural environment. The project, part of a wider regeneration of the Manor House area, sits beside two former reservoirs totalling 27 acres of open water.

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