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POF customer service contact information. Contact Plenty Of Fish customer service for any support you need with your dating account by phone or email.

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POF Login. Learn how to register, log in, and solve common problems relating to the ( dating website.

POF took the wrong person off of my dating site. In attempting to get them to rectify their mistake, I was on the phone for over 1 and one half hours. Six people hung up on me because, my computer has been hacked into, and I only have a tablet at my disposal. They were extremely rude, and almost all from India, with accents I could not understand. They are incompetent and their customer service is the worst, I have ever seen!

My account has been hacked and POF will not do anything about it. I've tried to email POF they do not respond. I call the customer service number and they want either access to my computer, or to charge me to remove the hacker. This is frustrating, I don't know how the hacker go into my profile, but why will POF not straighten it out? P.S. I am a woman and the photo on my profile is a man.

Shady billing practices and if you go to their website there is no way to contact or dispute it. Be wary of giving them your credit card or PayPal account. I was billed for 3 months "onetime" which turned into a recurring charge and I've had to dispute. Still waiting resolution.

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We respect and uphold individual rights to privacy and the protection of personal information. As a user of our Service, we know how important it is to you (“You”) to protect Your personal information and we want to make every user experience safe and secure. In keeping with these goals, we have developed this privacy policy (“Policy”) to explain our collection, use, and disclosure of Your information.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please refer to the end of this Privacy Policy for information on how to contact us.

In General.
We may collect Personal Information, including Sensitive Data, and other information from your usage of our Service. The types of information we collect depend on the nature of Your interaction with us.

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At the top of the screen on Plenty Of Fish, you will see a variety of links. You are looking for the search button. Once you find it, go ahead and click it.

Here, You will see 3 tabs. Basic search , advances search and username search. Each one provides a different function.

The POF advanced search works identical to the basic search, only with more options. The POF Advanced search on Plenty Of Fish allows you to really narrow down the results. You can find online dating profiles by a number of search filters such as height ranges, age, race, hair color, drug and alcohol use, etc. It is a really great feature if you are searching for a long term relationship and know what you want. Your search result settings are also saved, so next time you login and perform another POF advanced search.

POF customer service will to help you with your online dating account and more! Hopefully you never need to contact POF customer service and your online dating experience runs smooth. Although sometimes things happen and you might need a bit of help. If you need to contact POF customer service regarding your Plenty Of Fish profile or POF login you can do so by phone or email. Wait times when contacting by phone may exceed 15 minutes so be prepared to possibly be on hold for a while. As one of the largest dating sites a fair amount of support calls are handled each day.

Only call during normal hours of operation or you will not be able to get through. While the help section is pretty detailed in reference to issues you may have with the site or mobile app , some issues require intervention from the staff at Plenty of Fish. If your problem is not urgent and the help section did not resolve your issue you should to try to email customer service first. Responses through email may take a day or two depending on the amount of support issues that are on hold.

If your support issue has to do with mobile app functionality, you may want to search the internet first to see if any other users have similar problems and how they corrected them., or, is an online dating website, which boasts more than 100,000,000 registered users, making it the most popular full dating website in the world. The service is free to use, although a premium service is also available, offering paying customers a number of additional features and advantages.

The website initially launched back in 2003 and has grown significantly in subsequent years. Since 2010, PlentyOfFish has also had its own mobile apps for Android, iPhone and various other mobile and tablet devices. The service largely centres around a ‘chemistry test’ feature, which helps to match people with similar personalities.

The process for creating a PlentyOfFish account is relatively straight forward and similar to many other websites of this type. The process begins by clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the website. To begin with, you will need to provide the following information:

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