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A former aide to Tony Blair was paid an ‘obscene’ £5,505 a day to advise the Government on doling out its vast foreign aid budget.

However the Department for International Development (DFID) has negotiated a discount with Sir Michael Barber, and he is now working for a bargain £4,404 a day.

Details of the deal with Sir Michael, head of the Downing Street ‘delivery unit’ under Mr Blair, have been leaked to the Daily Mail. A whistleblower at the DFID said it was appalling evidence of how the department was ‘losing its focus’ on helping the world’s poor.

According to my calendar my period was due 12/19, but there was no sign of it. Immediately I became worried and began the 500 mg Vitamin C / Parsely Tea/ Vaginal Parsely regimen on 12/. That first night I had mild cramps and the next morning
I noticed brownish/light blood discharge and throughout the day my cramps continued to be mild on and off.

The next day I continued with 500 mg of the Vitamin C and began the vaginal parsley, changing it every so often. I drank four cups of parsley tea today and noticed the brownish/ light blood discharge again. I m hoping to see blood very soon. I have not taken a pregnancy test. Could this be a sign of my period coming or something else? I have not been bleeding or seeing this discharge everytime I use the restroom. There is no flow or shedding of anything.

ps. Just with my personal experience I don t think this method helped me very much. I think my period just came on its on time when I stopped stressing out so much! But I WILL say that parsley tea seems to help ALOT! although it IS disgusting I felt terrible cramps after a couple of days. Good luck!

Ex-Blair mandarin earning £4,400 A DAY in austerity Britain to advise on foreign aid. By Jason Groves, Political Correspondent Updated: 13:14 EST, 30 July.

no hope to recover he is a jerk see him for what he really is, an idiot jackas* that doesnt care about you do what is right dump him to the curb find a person who can be a real father to your child sorry you have to go through this sweetie

Sounds very possible since you are due for a period in a couple of days if you get a early result preg test you sgould get an accurate result. Try something like First Response. If you are not pregnant, you should try Ovulation Predictor Kits next month, they are great because they give you advance warning of ovulation so you know when to Baby dance. I wouldn t be having sex any more than once a day though. Anymore than that and you run the risk of DH having a low sperm count (they need to replenish!) GL hope you get your BFP!!

We simplest had women names.and simply learned final week we re having one more boy in a boy-heavy increased household. So sure, we are feeling somewhat smooth-brained approximately now having to cognizance on boy names and now not agreeing approximately hardly ever something! I suppose taking a step again, a minimum of till you discover out the gender, is an overly well concept! Maybe simply take this time to cognizance on every different, pass out on a date with out a youngster title speak? I do like Cohen Elijah; it does not look to run in combination up to Isaac Elijah (even though I do just like the title Isaac!). As for women, I suppose utilising Katharine for a center title is a excellent strategy to incorporate her grandma with out including to the Katie/Katrina record already for your household. Here is our favourite hyperlink for looking youngster names - there are plenty of methods to seek: gender, which means, beginning, class. Best wants to you on a healthful youngster!

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