Topics: Can a woman be cured of her 'daddy issues' if she dated an affectionate older man?

It's not surprising to see a young woman with a signficantly older man, but when it comes to dating. ts of dating a younger woman. Older men, it.

As far as I remember my uncle married a woman who was 13 years older than him. Edit@Ms. Happy: In response to your post "True or False? Why? What can be done about it?" I guess she ll just have to buck up, now won t she? Yes, I think so. It won t do her any good to whine and waste her time; lives are depending on her. And the matter that you blocked me is no matter at all. I m not going to give you an "oh the poor woman answer." That s not facing reality.

Most older men seem great to younger girls because they already know what they want and are gentlemen and have done all the "playing the field" However, a lot of older men who are single tend to develop feelings very fast and they want to rush into relationships or marriage. You re young. Remember that no matter what age your partner is. Age doesn t matter, but, there are levels of maturity that need to be observed. He might expect a lot out of you that you might not be able to live up to. Have fun and be safe.

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thats like clint eastwood and his wife except not as big of a gap