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I’ll be honest: the cultural phenomenon that is Girls has more or less passed me by.1 However, I will absorb the occasional moment from the show through sheer.

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  Smart women can't find men to impregnate them, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Geneva has been told.

Professor Marcia Inhorn​, a researcher from Yale, said female graduates were freezing their eggs due to a "dearth of educated men to marry", and that this "man deficit" was worse in countries where more women attended university. 

These days I'm more concerned about avoiding pregnancy than freezing my eggs. I can, however, relate to the difficulties faced by smart women in the dating scene.

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Smart women finding it tough on the dating scene may need to raise their game

Yes, polyamory is a real sexuality. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't just refer to college freshmen who want to have sex with everything in sight (although, more power to those people). I am attracted to, date, and love multiple people at the same time.

Currently, I have two serious, committed, and supportive boyfriends. No cheating is involved: All of us are fully aware of, and fully consent to, the arrangement. I am incredibly proud of them, and would love to be able to display that to the world by setting my Facebook relationship status as "In a relationship" with both of them.

Yes, you can state that you’re in an Open Relationship, but I am not. I am as seriously and exclusively committed to two boyfriends as I would be to one. You can state that “It’s Complicated,” but in this case, and in many, many polyamorous relationships, it is not complicated. I love him, and I love him, both of them, more than anyone else. 

Since I graduated high school I came into my looks and as a result during college. I was quite popular with women even though I was really shy, however after college I started to bald severely nearly losing all the hair on the top of my head, gained some weight from 145-175 at 5’10 which gave me a gut and also started receiving wrinkles on my forehead and under my eyes. During this time period of about 2 years I went from getting constant attention to being practically invisible.

I can understand this because people have standards and what they define as attractive, however a lot of the time if I so much as made eye contact with a woman even on accident I would get nothing but the coldest stares back at me.

Sometimes I would even overhear them talk to their friends about that ‘creepy guy’ referring to me as there was no one else there that it could be. Now however I have been working out and getting in good shape, have had a lot of my hair restored through medication and have gotten rid of the wrinkles through a skin care regiment. As a result I seem to have gotten a lot of attention and just treated better overall from people. If I make eye contact now for example I get nothing but smiles so it is a bit embittering.