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“When I was younger I felt annoyed by my male friends who would refuse to hold a pocketbook or say whether they thought another man was attractive. I thought it was a personal shortcoming that they were so anxious about their manhood. Now I feel much more sympathy for men…” [1]

If men are weak and insecure, then, compared to what standard? Compared to women, who spend billions each year on cosmetics, fashion, weight loss gimmicks, plastic surgery, self-help books, psychotherapy, anti-depressants and the mail order spirituality of grifting gurus from Benny Hinn to Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey?

This has been going on for a long time. This kind of biased positioning is evident in the majority of articles, books and textbooks dealing with masculinity. John Wayne died in 1979, and two of the iconic Marlboro men died of cancer in the early 1990s, but these cliché feminist bêtes noires are still burned in effigy in virtually every mainstream anti-masculinity op-ed.

Of course Mary Jane jumped the gun with the fertilized embryos.. She didn’t even give Justin time to breathe and get over the situation.. I’m kind of confused though, Justin is rich, why wouldn’t she choose Kara, who needs the job more than he does? That was such a hard decision for MJ to make..

Seeing MJ’s parents going through all that is tough.. she really threw away decades for minutes of passion.. poor thing.. now she doesn’t have either men..

Mary Jane mom thought Paul was still so in love with her that she can “do her” and ask for forgiveness and all would be forgiven.. I think they may get back together but not just yet because she go to feel the pain..


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Becuase were not in "season" , you know? ITs true though I ve only seen one black woman, white man couple the rest of interracial poeple are vice versa. NOt to mention I ve never seen asian man with a black woman. The only thing near to that was my greatfather and he was Chinese Jamaican.