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Spark Networks SE is a leading global dating company with a portfolio of premium brands designed for singles seeking serious relationships. These brands include EliteSingles, JDate, Christian Mingle, eDarling, JSwipe and Attractive World. Formed in 2017 through the merger of Affinitas GmbH and Spark Networks, Inc., the company has a presence in 29 countries worldwide and is publicly listed on the NYSE American LLC exchange under the ticker symbol “LOV.” Read more

Let’s start with the positive aspects of before bashing the site. is a better dating service website than Now onto the bashing… is beyond a shitty dating service website. If there were laws against creating scam dating sites, this site would have been shutdown the day it was built. We have to be careful with how we bash a site because we don’t want to face any lawsuits, but understand that we could completely rip these guys a new asshole if we wanted to. We’ll try to keep it civil, but it’s hard to do after how pissed off we were after completing our 2 frustrating months on

Here’s some advice just in case you do sign-up for (please don’t do it!) – use a secondary email address. Don’t use your main email address. They will SPAM you to death with notifications from women that are interested in you. Unfortunately, they’re not real women. They are fake profiles. creates a ton of fake profiles because they know decent women would never in a million years sign-up for this shitty website.

Scams target people оf аll backgrounds, ages аnd income levels асrоѕѕ а world. Thеrе іѕ nо оnе group оf people whо аrе mоrе lіkеlу tо bесоmе а victim оf а scam . If уоu thіnk уоu аrе ‘too clever’ tо fall fоr а scam, уоu mау tаkе risks thаt scammers саn tаkе advantage of.

Firstly, a scam lооkѕ lіkе thе real thing. It appears tо meet уоur nееd оr desire. Tо find оut thаt іt іѕ іn fact а scam, уоu muѕt fіrѕt mаkе thе effort tо check іt properly. Yоu nееd tо аѕk questions аnd thіnk carefully bеfоrе уоu decide whаt tо do. Bеіng aware оf thе dangerous myths bеlоw wіll hеlр уоu wіth this. Depending оn thе issue, уоu саn decide іf ѕоmеthіng іѕ а scam оn thе spot, оr уоu mіght nееd help—and thаt соuld tаkе ѕеvеrаl days.

Secondly, scammers manipulate уоu bу ‘pushing уоur buttons’ tо produce thе automatic response thеу want. It’s nоthіng tо dо wіth уоu personally, it’s tо dо wіth thе wау individuals іn society аrе wired uр emotionally аnd socially. It’s bесаuѕе thе response іѕ automatic thаt people fall fоr thе scam. Tо stop scammers manipulating уоu іntо thеіr traps, іt саn bе uѕеful tо knоw hоw tо prevent thе automatic response thеу expect.

I don t think it s worth the effort because you spend so much time and emotional energy on someone you can t even spend time with. For me a relationship is all about the physical as well as the emotional. Just cuddling someone, holding their hand, is so important And you have to be very careful online as people are only presenting the person they want you to see during those chats, not who they really are the other 23 hours of the day. I spent over 6 months chatting to an English guy living in Hong Kong and had already pictured in my mind the life we would have together when his contract finished and he was back in London. I was so excited when he was finally going to be in London on a business trip and so was he. We met and it was very awkward - there was no chemistry between us physically. As much as we got on online, in person that spark wasn t there. I had built up such a fantasy of him over 6 months that the reality didn t live up. And his personality was so different when we were together vs what he presented online. I now feel like I wasted 6 months on him when I could have been out meeting someone who actually lived near me and spending real time getting to know the real him Be careful with anyone in Africa as there are so many scams. My friend s mother lost over 5000 pounds to her "fiance" in Ghana who it turned out had conned at least 5 other women who reported him on a dating scam site. She is now broke and being treated for depression because this evil man didn t care who he hurt. If he asks you for any money for any reason then cut it off. Don t believe anything no matter what the story is - emergency medical care, visa fees, plane ticket, sick grandmother, car accident, stuck in a hotel, robbed and computer stolen, etc. Poor people in Africa don t have money to be online - if he s online regularly then he has plenty of money to cover any expense. The second any request for money comes in, cut it off immediatley. Don t listen to their excuses, they know how to respond to every question you ask - that s why my friend s mother kept sending more money she didn t have and went into debt herself.

One of many other scamming websites, will use all available tools and tactics to get to peoples’ money. They claim that the site is free, but if you register with a basic membership you need to be careful not to get scammed or ripped off. is affiliated with other dating sites including, and

In this review, we will explain the scamming mechanisms uses and provide solid evidence why this site is an illegitimate dating service.

This sounds scary because it is. In the terms of use page we read a paragraph in which it explains that you are giving all rights to take, reuse, copy, translate, distribute, broadcast, and sublicense all personal information you attach and post on your dating profile. This includes your personal photographs, name, ‘chat up lines’, description, description of interests, ect. Your personal info can be freely reused and shared on any other dating services or networks affiliated with Spark Networks – the company that owns and other sites.

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Looking for sparks to fly? Look further than ! Much farther. You’d be better off trying to score dates with women at a gay bar. is one of those dating sites that does an excellent job of convincing people to sign-up. It’s a new-ish singles dating site. In a short period of time, they’ve actually attracted members to their site.

How do they get people to sign-up for Simple – they straight up lie to you. They lie about the site being 100% free – it’s not. They lie about their comparisons to and Just take a look at their home page and you’ll see a chart filled with B.S. Here’s what they don’t tell you about – the site is flooded with fake profiles. Sure, you’re free to contact anyone on, unlike or Free to contact fake women. If you like talking to yourself…

The only useful aspect of is the SparkTV feature. It’s only useful for entertainment purposes. You won’t actually learn much about online dating from it. But it does provide some mildly humorous entertainment. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to convince us to recommend to our readers. SparkTV isn’t going to help you find a on