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Whether you’re in charge of hosting summer play dates, the 4th of July BBQ or the long-over-due family reunion, we’ve gathered 65 entertaining games to ensure your party is the hit of the summer! Choose among:
13 Classic Outdoor Games

Pin 179.0K 1. Capture the Flag What fond memories you must have, running through the neighborhood playing Capture the Flag with your friends.  You’re never too old for this classic game OR maybe it’s time to share the tradition with your kids! To play, you could grab these , or two bandanas , or even some old cloths.

2. Hula Hoop Competition Let’s see just how well you can move those hips!  Gather your close friends and some inexpensive hula hoops and see who can hula hoop the longest.  You’d be surprised just how much of a work out it really is. 

Always let her know that you re there for her and that you appreciate her. Let her know that she can trust you and never ever lie. Don t be flirty with other girls and always let her know that you love her. Girls need reassurance from time to time. Even if you ve dated for 6 months and you re totally comfortable with her, this still holds true. Being reassured is always a good thing. :D It s always nice to buy flowers or presents, but don t overdo it or you may seem too clingy. When you two have a problem, work it out calmly and don t get into a huge argument over it. Also, don t go to sleep until it s solved even when it s late. This really shows that you care and want to fix things. So there, be honest, be trustworthy, be caring, and be loving. :D Also, if you re one of those CoD PC gamers.get xfire or talk to her on steam while you game. If my boyfriend never did that.I d cry. LOL.

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Its nothing wrong with liking sex its all how you go about it, you can like sex and not be called a slut, its all how you go about it, how you act, who your *******, and if your out there, You want an undercover slut, someone who isn t out there, haven t slept with your brother or best friend, and someone who doesn t come off as slutty or doesn t have a reputation. There are different kinds of sluts. There are lots of reason s why is bad. 1.) Deceases 2.) Reputation 3.) Humiliation 4.) Baggage __________ Kinds of sluts 1.) Low self a steam= this is the girl who is ugly, or thinks she is, and people dont really like too much, so she sleeps around for validation purposes, which we all know makes her less liked, and not respected at all. I dont bang too many of these girls. They use sex to make up for their flaws, and are good for slumpkillers, or for guys who have bad game. 2.) The recent breakup slut: She just got out of an relationship and is making up for lost time. She is also looking her best. Great for rebounds, but she also does some AW ing at the same time. Not for inexperienced gamers, as they can get attached to her sometimes, and she will play mind games for validation and revenge on the male gender, She tends to go after her Ex s friends, causing drama, and fights etc. She is hurt, and manipulates guys to bring up her self image. They can be extremely easy, often making all the moves themselves. 3.) The emotionally damaged slut: These are, rape/molestation victims, abused, abandonment issues, etc. Best to steer clear from, unless you know you have your emotions in check. They cant help it, but these women will drag men down to their personal hell if allowed to. They put on a good girl mask, and while easy, and fabricate their lives to convince guys they are quality. They play the victim card as justification for their wrongdoings, and there are plenty of them. They are the female equivalent of wife-beating, control freaks (who they ve usually dated) These girls are the best in bed, and worst for GF s. They sleep around to hide from the pain from their past. They cheat in a heartbeat, because the sacredness of sex has been defiled in them at a young age, so sex has no intimacy for them. Its like giving hugs for them, and they see no big deal whatsoever with cheating, or sleeping with guy friends, etc. These girls are very dangerous, and often sex addicts. 4.) The young, college, party slut: They are going through the slutty phase in their life, with newfound freedom. Also, because all their friends are doing it. I d say they have the best chance at EVENTUALLY being a normal decent chick someday. Good for all around good times, but leave it as a fling at most, obviously. 5.) The Temp slut: She may or may not be a real slut, but tonight she is. She s drunk and in the mood for whatever reason. As opposed to the party slut, this isn t her norm.

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You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

If she s worth it, go for it. If she s not, don t. If you are having trouble deciding whether or not she is worth the trouble, then she must not be.

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