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Steve is a variety show hosted by Steve Harvey featuring some of the biggest names in film, television and music.

The Night Time Podcast covers Canadian true crime, mysteries and weird and wonderful people, places, and events. In this introductory episode I'll tell you a bit about the show and recommend some starting points. Contact: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email: To support the show please visit

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In week to 17 December 14,323 patients arriving by ambulance waited at least half an hour before they were handed overGrowing numbers of patients taken to hospital by ambulance are having to wait an hour or more before they are handed over to A&E staff for treatment, NHS England figures show.
In the week to last Sunday, 17 December, one in seven such patients faced a delay of at least 30 minutes in the back of an ambulance or an area of the hospital where the crew look after them, up from one in eight the week before. Continue reading.

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I ve been looking for Steve myself and I had the same problem. Everything I read wanted me to go to that "Mechanical Turk" site and just keep clicking through random satellite images and flag any that showed anything. I sat here three nights ago staring at my screen for three hours after finding what appears to be a depiction of a bird scratched onto the desert surface and some sort of wreckage all around it. I positively freaked. When I couldn t find anyone else to send the picture to I finally emailed it straight to the source.. Don t expect to hear anything from anyone unless you re the person who turns out to be responsible for leading searchers to him. And even then it s still unlikely. The search has not been called off. Have you downloaded the KMR file for Google that shows the new search coordinates? They got new information just the other day from a satellite image of what they believe may have been his plane still in flight and they updated the KMR file for Google. That s when I found that weird drawing on the ground in the middle of NOWHERE. We should compare notes! There are now two grid boxes in the smaller search area.

I may be able to find you one for FREE, but there s a $75 shipping & handling and I will need your Credit Card, expiration date, name, and address to send your bracelet to.