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As we get off of our holiday high from eating great food and spending time with family, we’re starting to prepare to celebrate love in a few weeks. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take inventory of your relationship, as well as ask couples who have longevity how they sustain their union. For their February issue, Essence Magazine did just that, featuring comedian turned author, turned relationship expert, turned talk show host Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie on their cover.

Those who grew up in the ‘90s have watched Steve Harvey’s somewhat transition effortlessly transition into the man of many talents that we see today. When asked what the secret to his success was, he told Essence:

Marjorie Harvey, who has been Steve’s wife for seven years, actually met him in 1990 at a Memphis comedy club. Although he didn’t know her, Harvey announced to Marjorie while she sat in the audience, “I don’t know who you are but I’m going to marry you.” The two began dating shortly after and Marjorie in fact felt the same about her husband Steve that he was indeed “The One.” Interestingly enough, Steve pulled a disappearing act on Marjorie.

Steve Harvey, whose full name is Broderick Steven Harvey, was born in Welch, West Virginia and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Harvey is a devout Christian.

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The following is an episode list of the WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show . There are 188 episodes for each seasons from 1996 to 2002.

Angela decides to finally complete their will, which Steve does not want to be part of because of his fear of mortality. Darrin fears that his mother is going to die, Cedric volunteers to be a "big brother" to a fatherless teenage boy and tries to get Steve involved in the organization.

Cedric falls in love with Regina's new 'round-the-way' secretary Lovita Alizé Jenkins after Sara and Sophia left to go to college. As Steve's insensitivity upsets Regina, Sara and Sophia's departure turns into a disaster and Romeo and Bullethead square off over a new beautiful classmate. Romeo weighs his feelings for his once-heavy platonic friend Aisha who spent her summer at a weight-loss farm and now is lovely, fit and sexy.

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