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what do you mean.? well i can tell you one of the channels its on try this (299)

Atoilet is a piece of hardware used for the collection or disposal of human urine and feces. In other words: "Toilets are sanitation facilities at the user interface.

Figures from the police, compiled by Transport for London, show that the number of taxi and private hire journey-related sexual offences hit 164 in the capital last year, of which 30 cases were rape

The number of sexual offences that were recorded to have taken place in London taxis and private hire cars surged by 20 per cent last year to its highest level since 2002.

Figures from the Metropolitan Police, compiled by Transport for London and published on Friday, reveal that the number of taxi and private hire journey-related sexual offences hit 164 in the capital last year, of which 30 cases were rape, up from a total of 136 in 2015, of which 28 were classed as rape.

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Uber users on Twitter said that the company was charging multiple times its standard fares immediately after the attack and only reduced charges later

Ride sharing service Uber has been criticised for being too slow to turn off its “surge pricing” feature after Saturday night’s deadly terror attacks in London.

App users took to social media to complain about the inflated prices, saying that Uber should have reduced prices immediately as people tried to make their way home in the aftermath of the rampage, which left at least seven dead and dozens injured in the London Bridge area.

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Production for the current season is already over, but you can email to be put on the mailing list. They will announce the audition process when the next season begins. This is according to the show s casting director, Patti Stone, who created the Brainsurge fan group on Facebook. She wrote on Facebook: ***"To audition to become a contestant on the next season of BrainSurge, email your full name, age, birthdate and contact information to You’ll receive a confirmation and then an email when auditions for the next season begin! "*** She also wrote: ***"Auditions are held in Los Angeles but we we able to have kids from all over the country audition by sending a video link and all that information will be sent when we start auditions for another season. I don t have a date yet for season2..stay by and thanks for watching! Patti Stone BrainSurge Contestant Supervisor"*** Patti Stone says that the first season was 11-14 years old, but they might expand the age range for new seasons. Also see her company website: Here s where you can get tickets to tapings:

Muslim immigration from dangerous nations is dramatically higher in recent years, and government assurances that immigrants are being properly screened is “a farce,” according to accomplished author and columnist Paul Sperry.

“It’s a huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined. This is a big shift in immigration flows,” said Sperry, who is the author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington” and co-author of “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

“It’s really insane what we’re doing. No one’s really talking about it, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat,” said Sperry, who is also a Hoover Institution media fellow and former Washington bureau chief of WND. Sperry frequently writes for the New York Post and Investor’s Business Daily.

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It found surge app dating website

surge app dating website

In private homes, the toilet, sink, bath or shower may be in the same room. Another option is to have one room for body washing ( bathroom ) and a separate room for the toilet and handwashing sink ( toilet room ). Public toilets consist of one or more toilets (and commonly urinals ) which are available for use by the general public. Portable toilets or chemical toilets may be brought in for large but temporary gatherings.

The number of different types of toilets used on a worldwide level is large. [1] [3] Toilet types can be grouped by:

People use different toilet types based on the country that they live in. In developing countries , access to toilets is also related to people's socio-economic status. Poor people in low-income countries often have no toilets at all and resort to open defecation instead. This is part of the sanitation crisis which international initiatives such as World Toilet Day draw attention to. [4]

There are a lot of reasons to have sex over the holidays. Actually, there are rarely any reasons not to have sex, and at the most wonderful time of the year, it would do us all a little good to put ourselves on the naughty list. However, for most of us, there’s what we want, and then there’s what actually happens.

As December comes to a close, it’s that annual time we find ourselves reflecting upon the greatest up’s, down’s and take away’s this eventful year had to offer.

On today’s show, Emily is joined by Anderson and the two are helping callers embrace sexy opportunities and be their most confident selves – on a date and in the bedroom.