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Alleged child rapist cleared after non-disclosure of material from police was discovered, leading to a review of all casesThe Metropolitan police is to review scores of sexual assault cases after potential errors led to the collapse of a second rape case in the space of a week. In the latest case, an alleged child rapist was cleared at court with prosecutors offering no evidence.
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An interview with Prof. Andrew Porwancher, a history professor at Oklahoma University, who thinks the founding father was, in fact, a Jew.

In the last 2000 years empires came and left, conquered colonized and occupied Jerusalem - but they have never turned it into their capital.

Where does the custom of "Chanukah gelt" (of giving money to children) come from? My understanding is that the practice of giving presents is adapted from the non-Jewish holidays which occur in the same season. Is it just a non-Jewish carryover, or are there Jewish sources for the practice?