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Through the Looking Glass was released on 2 March 1987 on Polydor. A few weeks after, Bowie contacted them to be the special guests at two shows on his Glass Spider.

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Shamanism Ireland offers training in the healing journey of celtic shamanic practice

Though the two films may bear different souls – Edgar Wright’s vinyl-spin love story vs. Atomic Blonde ’s cold, lethal kiss – they seem surprisingly linked in this summer’s cinematic scene. Both are movies that treat music like oxygen, with the latter sustaining itself on a barrage of ‘80s synth pop hits: New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, David Bowie’s ‘Cat People (Putting Out Fire)', to George Michael’s ‘Father Figure’.

The film’s emotional climax is set to a slowed down cover of '99 Luftballons', while its own (brief) take on the car-chase plays out to A Flock of Seagulls’ ‘I Ran’. Musical picks so unashamed, half-absurd in their brashness that it’s clear Atomic Blonde has none of the loftier, cinephilic ambitions of Baby Driver : it’s here only to give you a damn good time.

One thing Baby Driver does lack, however, is Charlize Theron. The Killer Queen. The Torpedo. The Slayer of Weak Men. She’s Hollywood’s Daenerys Targaryen in how many emphatic, triumphant titles she deserves.

Through the Looking Glass is a covers album by English alternative rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. It was co-produced with Mike Hedges and released in March 1987 on Polydor. Through the Looking Glass was preceded by the single " This Wheel's on Fire ". It was the second and final album recorded with guitarist John Valentine Carruthers. Some of their cover songs were praised by the original artists themselves.

The band's version of Iggy Pop song " The Passenger " featured brass arrangements played by Pete Thoms and Luke Tunney, who had already worked with Siouxsie and Budgie on the Creatures ' single " Right Now ".

Through the Looking Glass was released on 2 March 1987 on Polydor. A few weeks after, Bowie contacted them to be the special guests at two shows on his Glass Spider Tour in Anaheim. This album was reissued in a remastered version with bonus tracks in October 2014. [3]

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And the app is designed to work with multiple sites like Tinder and Plenty of Fish using facial recognition software that learns to match your criteria. Once a potential date is found based on the preferences of the user, Bernie engages in a chat, asking a series of questions and determining if the responses are positive or negative to weed out candidates. A list of potential romantic candidates is then deposited into your inbox. That’s where you take over.

The predecessor of Bernie was Tinderbox. Twenty-six-year-old computer programmer Justin Long created it in 2015 to find dates for himself using the dating app Tinder. He was working crazy hours in the tech industry and just didn’t have time to meet women. Tinderbox was programed to know what a user found attractive so it took less time to find possible matches. It swiped yes or no for you.

The National Gallery of Denmark displays the largest collection of Danish art from the 1700s to the present day, as well as impressive works from around the world. Highlights include the Danish and Nordic art exhibition, which spans 150 years, as well as paintings by the Dutch Masters, Edvard Munch, and Picasso among others. Natural light floods the upper floors giving the gallery a wonderful ambiance. Be sure to pick up a map before exploring all the collections. The café is particularly pleasant and a great place to unwind and soak up the surroundings.

The best place to stay in Copenhagen is near the Old Town, where many of the major attractions are concentrated. The center of the Old Town is the Kongens Nytorv public square, with its statues, historical buildings, and cobblestone streets. Major sights in the surrounding area include the famous Stroget pedestrian shopping mall and the Nyhavn Canal. More moderately priced accommodation can be found in the trendy Vesterbro area, also known as the Meatpacking District. Below are some highly-rated hotels in convenient locations:

Mid-Range Hotels: In the hip Vesterbro neighborhood is the Andersen Boutique Hotel. Rather than a specific check-in and check-out time, this hotel offers a 24-hour rental, starting at the time you arrive. Also in the same area is the Axel Guldsmeden hotel, with a Balinese-inspired décor and a wonderful courtyard with comfortable seating. Conveniently located next to the main train station is the modern 161-room Absalon Hotel , with a variety of spacious rooms.

JW Randolph at Grist has discovered that the coal industry has, quite literally, bought friends off the shelf in the FACES of Coal campaign facilitated by the D.C. PR firm Adfero. The photos on the FACES website were all sourced from iStockPhoto, which, as the name implies, is the place where lazy/busy/rich people go for photos when, for example, they don’t have any friends of their own. var icx_publication_id = 14813; var icx_content_id = 4041 ; Click here for reuse options! Tags: GristfacesAdferoistockphoto

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The Oak Knoll Naval hospital complex opened in 1942, serving veterans wounded on the Pacific battlefields. The modern hi-rise building opened in 1968 to serve Vietnam vets.  The site covered over 200 acres and contained 90 buildings.

The entire complex was decommissioned and abandoned in 1996.  It sat, mostly forgotten, in a quiet fold of the densely populated Oakland hills for 10 years and was finally scheduled for demolition and subdivision in 2006.  The economic meltdown stopped the project cold, even to the point where the developers lost their budget to hire security.  Suddenly there were dozens of holes in the fence.  The place was wide open for a few months in the summer of 2009 when most of this work was shot.

Weeds and trees had taken over the entire base, and the overgrown WWII-era wooden buildings were tinder-boxes.  In the heat of summer, The Knoll was a fire bomb, just waiting to go off.

It is the spiritual core – and potential tinderbox – of a contest of beliefs that many fear could trigger an all-out religious war.

To Jews, the most sacred part of their faith is represented by the Temple Mount, a compound standing on what is believed to be same site as the ancient Jewish temple built by Herod the Great and later destroyed by the Romans in 70AD.

It is also believed to be the site of an earlier temple, built by King Solomon in 957BC and destroyed by the Babylonians more than 370 years later.