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As at Dec 23, 2017.

Sometimes when a good friend starts a relationship, it’s hard to avoid feeling like a third wheel. You and your friend used to spend so much time together by yourselves, but now it’s hard to see them without their significant other. There are several things you can do to do make the best of the situation or explore other opportunities for fulfilment. Your friend’s new relationship doesn’t have to be a bad thing for you!

(and how to find out if they have a second Instagram account). Register here for our next free webinar.

(and how to find out if they have a second Instagram account). Register here for our next free webinar.

(and how to find out if they have a second Instagram account). Register here for our next free webinar.

The people of Juchitán have long shown love for their gender-bending “muxes.” But beyond the glitz and glamor, some say pageantry is no substitute for equal rights.

A s the December sun sets over the terracotta tiled roofs of Juchitán de Zaragoza – a rural town of about 90,000 in the southwest Mexican state of Oaxaca – the streets are empty in silent anticipation. Many of the men who live here have just come back from working at the oil refinery; many women have returned from selling crafts at the marketplace. One man, age thirty, takes off his schoolteacher clothes and showers. When he has dried himself off, he puts on a corset and wig and applies dramatic makeup to contour his face.

A six-hour drive from the state capital, Juchitán is a colonial town that predates the Spanish conquest. Home to the indigenous culture of the Zapotec, a third gender known as muxe (MOO-shey) – said to derive from “mujer,” the word for “woman” in Spanish – has long flourished here. The muxe gender encompasses a range of identities that are between the male-female binary. While a muxe would have different labels to choose from in the U.S. – “trans woman,” “gay man,” “genderqueer” – “muxe” spans all identities between male and female here. The term is unique to the Zapotec.