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Get a firsthand look at the Survivors reactions to the finale episode as they watched from backstage. More backstage moments:

In a dramatic two-hour season finale, castaways compete in an all-new immunity challenge, and a new twist is unleashed into the game. Then, one castaway is crowned Sole Survivor.

Which of these five will walk away with one million dollars tonight? Tune in to the Survivor finale at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access to find out:

Aras Baskauskas (Lithuanian: Baškauskas) (born September 26, 1981) [1] is an American yogi , musician, and reality TV personality who won Survivor: Panama and competed in Survivor: Blood vs. Water . He releases his music under the name Odd Us.

Baskauskas earned a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy from the University of California, Irvine in 2003, then went on to an MBA in business administration at that school. [1] As well there, he played NCAA Division I basketball. [1] After college, he briefly played basketball in Lithuania, and later moved to Cape Town, South Africa where he opened a yoga studio. He went on to become a yoga instructor in Santa Monica, California. [1]

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In Worlds Apart , he was best known for his physical strength which made him useful during the premerge phase. However, after the merge he was the primary target. He went on a short immunity run, only to be voted out when it ended.

In Cambodia , he was on the tribe that dominated in every challenge during the premerge phase so he avoided going to Tribal Council during the pre-merge. However, after the merge, he reverted back to his old ways; going on an immunity run which made him a target. After losing immunity at the final 8 due to low blood sugar that caused him to pass out, he was voted out for being the biggest challenge threat.

Joe was chosen by public vote as one of the twenty castaways to compete on Survivor: Cambodia for a second chance at Survivor.