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The comedian-turned-"love guru" advises women to wait three months before sleeping with a new partner. But does that help anything? Josie Pickens gives it a shot

As a feminist and one who advocates for women to be released from all rules that govern how, when, where and why we sex, I am totally against blanket guidelines being provided to women (who obviously have had unsuccessful relationships and are looking for answers) that may or may not be beneficial to them as individuals. Meaning, one woman can decide that she is ready to have sex after an initial meeting, and another may need years of contemplation before taking such a step; neither method of thinking is right or wrong.

Want a male perspective? Listen to what Steve Harvey himself has to say about why women should practice the three-month rule here. Also, check out Jason Hairston as he offers a rebuttal to Harvey’s assertion.

The daytime talk show host’s youngest stepdaughter, Lori Harvey, is engaged to Dutch professional soccer player Memphis Depay, Steve announced on Monday morning.

“Marjorie and I are proud to announce the engagement of our youngest daughter Lori to Memphis Depay,” Steve, 60, wrote on Twitter, and added, “this young man is a good one! Congrats!”

“SHE SAID YESSS!!!!!” he first tweeted alongside a picture from the proposal. Memphis later posted the monumental dates in their lives.

If you haven’t got a clue as to who he is, we’re sure you’ve seen Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori on the arm of the 21-year-old Dutch soccer player, who signed a reported $40 million, four-year contract with Manchester United in 2015. t’s unclear as to exactly how long the couple have been dating, but they shared photos of themselves in Paris celebrating Lori’s birthday last year when she turned 19. Since then, the two have been pretty much inseparable.

Yesterday (June 24), Harvey took to Instagram, sharing two photos of their new union. Visibly surprised in one of the photos, Harvey has her hands covered over her mouth while Day is down on one knee ready to pop the question. Harvey exactly captioned it, I’m so blessed, I get to marry my best friend. I SAID YES!!!!!!!!”

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Fresh Off the Boat author Eddie Huang is calling Steve Harvey s recent jokes about Asian men dating women of another race upsetting.

In an essay published by The New York Times, the author, chef and host of Viceland s Huang s World responded to Harvey s recent segment on his talk show that found the host cracking jokes about obscure, absurdly specific advice books that included Dating for Under a Dollar: 301 Ideas and How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.

The audience laughed at the latter as Harvey gathered himself, finally saying: “That’s one page. ’Excuse me, do you like Asian men?’ ‘No.’ ‘Thank you.’”

Browsing for love in all the wrong places? Perhaps you need Steve Harvey's help. The TV host and personality has teamed up with to provide a.