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You can meet real women on the internet but it's kind of rare, I did though & we're now married so it's not all bad. Firstly don't be so negative, I think Asian men are hot, my last two relationships were beautiful asian men. Secondly such a cliche but you can only be loved if you love yourself, so I'm not suggesting you get all arrogant but don't beat yourself up so much. Do things you enjoy, relax, let go of the past, date women on the internet but just watch out for the nutters, you have to wade through a lot before you meet nice ones but it does happen, I'm proof. Best of luck amigo & think positive!!!.. join a gymn, get some interests, feel good about yourself before you meet your woman so you can be proud of yourself when that happens. Far too many people look for someone to sort their shyness & insecurities out, it doesn't happen like that - start sorting them out now so when you meet ms wonderful you'll feel it's the cherry on the cake of your life...

I've been repeatedly approached by Jews for Jesus guys near the campus of UCLA. The pamphlet that they hand out alleges that Messianic Jews are Jews who believe that Jesus was the Messiah. That didn't make sense to me. I would label a person Christian if they believed Jesus was the Messiah. But my friend claimed there are a great number of Jews who believe that Jesus was the Messiah – yet do not consider themselves Christians. I had never heard of this.

No matter how disconnected a Jew may be from Judaism, he is still likely to be appalled by the idea of worshipping Jesus. And that poses a great problem for Christian missionaries seeking to convert Jews.

Given this, some missionaries got the idea to try a backdoor tactic. They invented Jews for Jesus, which uses a whole lexicon of Jewish-sounding buzz words in order to make Jesus more palatable to Jews.

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